Tenjin ACCAF6

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Vývojář: Tenjin Technology
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This app is the number 1 revision app for students who are studying for the ACCA F6 (IRL) Taxation exam.

If youd like to try a free version to understand how this app works, take a look at our Tenjin Technology Demo app. The demo app is a free illustration of how the Tenjin apps generally work.

The features available with the Tenjin ACCAF6 app include:

- Limitless opportunities to practice for the ACCA F6 Taxation (IRL) exam because you can generate new original versions of in excess of 250 base revision questions. Solutions are provided for all questions. The questions range in difficulty from basic to exam standard.

- As you practise questions, the app becomes tuned to your performance and will guide you to the specific questions that you need to be looking at. The more you use the app, the more it will be tuned to your individual learning requirements.

- The app includes rolling 30-day progress indicators. At any time, you can monitor how well you have been doing on the short questions in the preceding 30 days. The idea is to ensure that you are both acquiring the knowledge and maintaining it over time.

- Interactive assessments are available in learning mode (where you can see hints and learn from mistakes by generating new versions of questions) and exam mode (where you replicate strict exam conditions).